Chat Rooms

I thought I would add pen to paper, so to speak, on my experience of using an online chat room. The basis for this story begins in 2011 when I first went to a chat site called ‘chat buddy‘. This chat site was a webcam based free chatroom mainly full of UK people and quite a few Australians and lots of Americans. I used to chat there for about 4 years until for some reason the website unexpectedly closed.

Roll on 2019 and I thought my days of chatting to strangers online were finished, but one evening I was reminiscing about my favourite chatroom and thought I would see what else it out there. So I sat down and went to this chat site which is based in the UK and was highly recommended via an old ‘chat buddy’ that I used to talk to on Chat Buddy.

This site was called and considered to be one of the friendliest, least perviest, chatrooms. So I logged into the chat room and what I was most impressed with was the simplicity of the login – no registration which was really nice so I could see what it was all about before making that commitment.

Unfortunately, and probably because of the age of the website – it is still in very very early stages, the room was very quiet. Just a small handful of newcomers were chatting away in what appeared to be very jovial and pleasant chat. I started with a simple ‘hello’ and was welcomed into the chat room by someone called ‘John’ whom I understood was the website owner. This lovely welcome seemed unusual for me as most sites are either too busy to acknowledge a new user or they simply don’t care. A warm welcome goes a long way in my book as well as good manners and niceties which you would expect in the real world – so why not in a chat room too!


So began a four hour chat room sitting! One I haven’t done in literally years and thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Since then I’ve been chatting there for about 1 month or so (time fly’s!) and the growth of the chatroom seems to be gaining more popularity by the week. I do hope this will be the new Chat Buddy of old, so lets see where it goes and what the site may bring for others hoping to find such a nice place to chat.

If you’re not sure what a chat room is it might be best to go straight to Wikipedia or What is a chatroom?

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